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SKY2.4GHz Receiver


Receiver specifications:

Channel: 7CH
Frequency: 2.4G frequency hopping
Sensitivity: 95dbm
Weight: 15g
Size: 43x21x10mm


Introduction Of Receiverú║

            "-" Ground (negative). Connects to the servo's black wire.
            "+" Positive. Connects to the servo's red wire.
            "S" Signal. Connects the to the servo's white wire (or
                  sometimes an alternate color).

2. Channel Nameú║
     1CH: Aileron servo
     2CH:Elevator servo
     3CH: Throttle /ESC
     4CH: Rudder servo
     5CH: Gain
     6CH: Pitch servo
     7CH: Gear






  Instruction for code pairing of transmitter and receiver:


     First turn on the transmitter and connect the receiver:
        1.  LED of the receiver flashes slowly
        2.  Press the code pairing button about 4~6              seconds, this moment, the LED flashes fast
        3.  After letting go the button, LED is light constantly,
             which indicates code pairing successful.
        4.  If LED is not light which indicates code pairing              failed without signal.
          Code pairing is no need because it was finished
          before go out. Buyers just need to turn on the
          transmitter and connect the receiver.



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