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 Spare parts >> Nano / Auto CP parts >> WASP NANO CP Receiver B(130409)
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WASP NANO CP Receiver B(130409) 

Detail pictures:


1. Mini 6ch receiver, adpots 2.4G technology with function of code-pairing and LED receiving directive function.
  2. High-performance receiver module can greatly reduce the probability of signal loss and make sure the signal receiving accurate and reliable.
  3. 6ch signal output, delicate decomposition of movement,powerful and practical function.
  4. Always keep newest function with upgrade function.
5. Version 2.0 newly add brushless ESC interfaces.




1 ---  Aileron:  connect with aileron servo, output aileron servo control signal
  2 ---  Elevator:  connect with elevator servo, output elevator servo control signal 
  3 ---  pitch :  connect with pitch servo, output pitch servo control signal    
  4 ---  tail motor:  connect with tail motor, output tail motor control signal       
  5 ---  main motor:  connect with main motor, output main motor control signal   
  6 ---  aileron/elevator sensitivity adjusting knob: adjust aileron/elevator gyro sensitivity, change flight effect
  7 ---   Button: for code-pairing and flight mode change
  8 ---   indicator light:  indicate receiving signal status and flight mode status   
  9 ---  upgrade port:   upgrade port
  10--- power line: connect with battery(3.7V)  
  11--- Brushless Esc interfaces:  connect to brushless ESC.

receiver¡¯s adjustment                         

   1. Receiver¡¯s indicator light status indicate: slowly flash means receiving signal, fast flash means the gyro is initializing, constant light means signal received, no lights on means no signal received 
   2. Elevator/aileron sensitivity adjusting knob: clockwise, adjust to(+) direction, increase gyro sensitivity will add the balance effect of fuselage(fuselage no shake is the best); anticlockwise, adjust to(-) direction, reduce gyro sensitivity will decrease the balance effect of fuselage. 
   3. Tail gyro sensitivity adjust: it needs to adjust in transmitter digit bigger, gyro sensitibity increased, digit smaller, gyro sensitivity reduced.   
   4. Code-pairing: short press the button of the receiver, receiver start code-pairing, the indicator light flash slow. Code-pairing succeed, the light will flash fast(when boot) or constant light (when work) 
   5. Change flight mode: long press the button of the receiver, then let go after the light color change.Green light is for beginners flight mode, red light is for 3D flight mode.


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